When Submit A Post To Pligg Site I Am Getting "Wrong Step" Error

Recently I noticed that my Pligg social bookmarking site does not get any new post from the community. Then I try to submit a post to the site and on the second step of the article submission page I got the error "Wrong Step". I was really confused and try to figure out the issue. When I search on the web, I found few answers and none of the solutions were addressed my issue. Some of the reasons that the support forums were discussed are:

1. "Wrong Step" error might occur due to new template you use for your pligg site.
2. Configuration changes, basically f_open() function configuration. Most of the time this could happen when your hosting company upgrade their servers or change the security configuration of their servers.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is the new product they introduced for rich interactive web application developments. In previous topics I introduced how you can use Ajax technologies for rich web application development. We use Ajax technologies to introduce JavaScript and call server calls through JavaScript to minimize page refresh. With this method we can save lot of page refreshes but we might face some difficulties in developing Ajax enable applications when we go for complex applications. Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications when online or offline. With Silverlight you can build web or mobile applications very similar to desktop application developments. You know that we have much more freedom with desktop application to use complex controls. But with web application we have some limitations due to the technologies use, bandwidth, security issues...etc. The objective of Silverlight is like run desktop like application on the web or mobile browser.  But this doen't mean that Silverlight is for web or mobile application developments. You can use Silverlight for desktop applications, but here I will more concentrate on how to develop rich interactive web or mobile applications using Silverlight.

Seadragon Enables Smooth Image Browsing

Seadragon service enables web experience to browse graphics and images very smoothly regardless of the amount of data or the bandwidth and network traffic. Using Seadragon service you can make your photo album, photo sharing ...etc online without writing single line of code. First you need have your images host on the Internet and valid URLs for them. Then simply submit those image URLs to Seadragon.com site.

Here is the example work I did. Click here

You can see that the original image host in this blog site. I have given the URL of that image to Seadragon.com and create my album. If you load the original image and Seadragon album you can see that how smoothly you can browse images using Seadragon. Also if you need to embed the Seadragon album into your page you can generate embedded code for your created album.

AJAX Extensions on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

AJAX is a new trend in web development where it gives very smooth functionality for your website. In simple term we can use AJAX technology to refresh individual parts of the web page without refreshing whole page. This feature will increase the efficiency of your web page, smooth operation and enable more description web page design.

What is AJAX?
AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards.
AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and update parts of a web page - without reloading the whole page.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is coming with rich collection of AJAX controllers built in. AJAX is based on Java and JavaScript so it is nothing to do with .NET or Visual Studio. But most importantly we can easily use AJAX with most of the web development project. With AJAX Extensions of Visual Studio 2008 we can use AJAX with the visual studio development environment. This is really easy and fun. Let do it with a small project, so that you can easily understand the concept.

Failed to open a rowset. Details: 42000:[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver]Statement violates access rule: Connection is set to read only. Failed to open a rowset.

Failed to open a rowset. Details: 42000:[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver]Statement violates access rule: Connection is set to read only. Failed to open a rowset.

This is very common error when you try to deploy your Crystal Report reports in production environment. But most of the time people doesn't have proper solution. This error can be raised due to various reasons. But as I feel Crystal report gives very generic errors rather giving specic error message. So that most of the time we need to spend lot of time to figure out the exact issue. As of my experience this error gives when your crystal report unable to retrive data from your database properly. Here in this case iSeries Acess ODBC Driver has used. You might use some other driver to communicate with your database. But you will get very similar error with respect to your driver. Whether you are using stored procedure to retive data or directly access the database table; doesn't matter this error might occur.

First thing that you can try out is check whether you have configured "AllowProcCalls" registry entry. You can check this, go to start button, then run. In run dialog box type "regedit" and enter. In the RegEdit you need to locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI. Then find your ODBC data source that your crystal report retrive data from. Verify that there is an entry called "AllowProcCalls" with a value of "1". If AllowProcCalls entry doesn't exists you can create it by right click on your ODBC data source, then select New : String Value. Enter in AllowProcCalls and enter. If AllowProcCalls entry has value other than 1 you can change its value by double clicking on that entry or right click on the entry and select modify. Enter 1 and press "OK".


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